Ride is on..


Suddenly life is beautiful! You are super excited, you can’t believe it’s happening to you. You are at your peak … then, the downfall! You cant believe that it ended so early! You wanted it to go on forever, but nah, you are going down! Then again a lift and you forget that downfall in seconds. It repeats…after a while you realize that you are at the same place as last time! Nothing really ever changed! So, never get over excited with the things, as you are floating up, anticipate a downfall…nothing to feel bad..just remember .. It’s a cyclic motion! Never to end. So just learn to ride it, smile on the face helps! When it all ends finally, there no more pain, game is over. You are off the carousel!


On a Carousel



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  1. Your description of the ride on the carousel sounded like description of life itself 🙂

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    1. Raj says:

      Yep PD, I described exactly the same! 😊🌷

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  2. Amy says:

    loating up, anticipate a downfall, so very insightful!

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    1. Raj says:

      Thanks Amy… yes that always helps.. 🙂


  3. Tanya Bajaj says:

    Very true. Life is a cycle, where you need to ride it and move on. Beautiful expressed. 😀

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    1. Raj says:

      Thank you Tanya 🌷✌

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      1. Tanya Bajaj says:

        Your welcome

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  4. That’s what we call LIFE 🙂

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  5. sudhi says:

    Liked the way you ended it

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    1. Raj says:

      Thanks Sudhi 😊


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