Are you in harmony with your forces?


Life goes on … suddenly you find a sweetest thing happening to you and you are on the cloud nine, but then unexpected change, all of a sudden you fall in to the abyss, you think that’s it, you are finished…but then you see some light at the end of tunnel, a soothing voice, comforting words… you are back home again!! ..Sound familiar? Graph of life is like that. Things pull you in and out from all directions, different magnitudes and amplitudes. Its the way of life, nothing abnormal. But the important question is… did you lose your balance? Learn to manage your loop; twist and wiggle, balance yourself. Agility matters…only then you take start taking bigger thrusts, you attain stability, things come your control … do you know why?… because you are in perfect harmony with the external forces. Nothing can break you now!


In the loop


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