Wanna Survive?



You are in a complex web of challenges and you think there is no way out? No one to help you and you feel all alone? wanna give up?


Have you heard about thing called “Tomorrow”? … weird…? …May be.. Let me explain  … Are you trying to accomplish something impossible? because someone told you “Do what you want to do, today itself”? For most people thought of tomorrow is just bad. My parents always told me “Don’t wait till tomorrow” for every little thing. But I feel “tomorrow” will be a great day. We all should live with the good hope for “tomorrow”. Imagine the life without tomorrow, our lives will have no direction, no hope and no reason to live. You can’t even dream!! Scary huh? Now you know how people survive? They wait for better tomorrow. Tomorrow saved me so many occasions and wiped my tears countless times. Tomorrow always stood by me, no matter what happened today! You will survive!

So guys see you tomorrow,





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