Now “Archive” Google Photos.

As you all know Google Photos is one of the must have app for any smartphone user it doesn’t matter if you are an Android, iOS or a windows user. If you don’t know why it is? check this post.

Latest update of Google Photos (2.15.0.*) now adds much needed “archive” feature! So basically you will be able to remove unwanted picture clutter in your timeline(main view) . By archiving it you are still keeping it in googles cloud (if synced) or in phones storage (if not synced). You can also use this feature to hide your pictures, but please understand that this is not full fledged image hiding feature as still your images will show up the search results. But they won’t be used to create movies or animations.

Usage: Just click the image and go to the three button menu on top right and choose “Archive”. Or choose multiple images in gallery view and choose archive from the menu as explained above. You can always remove the images from the archived folder back to main view.

Check the three slides below.


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