Tasker – My smartphone helper!

If you are an android smart phone user, you already know Android operating system is one of the greatest user customizable smartphone operating system supported by tones of free and paid apps from Googles own play-store. If you are still not satisfied with whatever google has offered and want to reach the sky (yes sky is the limit sometimes!) then there are options for you w.r.t customization on how your phone should behave.

But the bad news is, you need to have a root access on your phone. Now, what is that “root access”? Well, if you don’t know what it is or if you belong to “not so software friendly” then probably this article may not help you much. On the other hand if you have an root enabled phone or looking to root your phone, may be this article might be of interest. So read on…

FYI, root access is the accessibility of user(that is you) to the android operating system. Different phones have different procedures for rooting the phone and by rooting you will immediately voids your phones warrantee. Because phone manufacturer does not want you accessing the system files and altering them. If you are new to software technology then better to keep your phone as non-root (as you bought from the store) that way you have very secure phone with you. But rooting gives enormous options for you to customize your phone as you want at the same time risking your phone for hackers attacks. If you need more info please navigate to www.xdadevelopers.com and learn about them.

Now, coming back to the main topic of customization of your phone, there is one little app in called Tasker which can do miracles on your phone. Its an paid application available on playstore. This app can totally customize your phone in a way you want it. Instead of explaining about Tasker, let me list out some of the key things it does it for me. That way you will know exact capabilities of this amazing app. If you have a rooted phone you must have this app in my opinion!

Ok, what all my phone does using Tasker?

  1. As i reach home or office my phone switches on wi-fi so that my phone connects to wi-fi network and switches off my mobile data. How does this app knows that I am at home? No Its not using GPS as we don’t want unnecessary battery drain caused by GPS usage, there is a cell tower triangulation method by which Tasker can locate my home area approximately without the extra battery cost. Opposite actions happen as I exit my home area.
  2. As I get into my car my phone connects to car’s Bluetooth hands-free system and my SMS goes to read mode, that is, if i receive any text message it will be read out loud. Also my data network switches on. Opposite actions also happen as I exit my car.
  3. If i launch my google maps or an app which needs GPS to be on, it automatically gets switched on. As I close down that app the GPS would be turned back off.
  4. If I launch a application such as YouTube, Media Player or a Gallery app my phones display option sets up as “Auto Rotate” automatically. Rest all other applications will be viewed in portrait mode only. I hate when the phone changes its display mode while lying down on bed and trying to read an email. Now that problem solved.
  5. If i am at home during night 11 PM to next morning 5 AM my phone goes to priority mode, that way only certain priority people can wake me up. No more odd call disturbing me at my sleep hours. But I have configured this behavior only when I am at home, while travelling phone would work as normal all the time.
  6. If i want to launch an application which needs internet, I don’t have to toggle any switches, I just launch that app, Tasker checks if I am already connected to wi-fi, if not it will turn on my mobile data and turns off the mobile data when I am done with that app.
  7. Turn on Bluetooth automatically as I step out of my house or office so that my car’s Bluetooth can connect. If not connected to Bluetooth service within 5 minutes it will turn off Bluetooth.

Tasker can do much more than that, such as turn off screen lock at home, send text message automatically and even read your WhatsApp messages and auto reply etc. Excited? yes why not? When your phone can behave the way you want, isn’t it exciting? Well that’s what a smartphone should do in my opinion.

I feel every rooted phone should have Tasker setup to take advantage of total access of the system. If you want to know more about Tasker head over here. You can even use ready-made Tasker profiles without even doing any configuration work yourself.

If you are not a big fan of rooting the phone, still there is another app in play store called Llama can do many of the customizations for you without root. Also I find the Llama is very easy to use than the super cusomizable Tasker brother!

Hope you liked this article, if so give me a star, have a question? please comment below.


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