Love story … gets better

It all might begin with a most trivial reason such as an accidental bump in or just a casual talk resulting in a selfless act of caring unconditionally.

You start open up your heart let the love pour in. You start caring your love more than yourself. You two become inseparable.  Your love is the first thing you think about as you wake up and last thing before you got to sleep at night.

Every daily event connects you to your love. If it start raining you wonder if our love carried a umbrella or not. If you are happy you want your love to know about it first, when we are sad, only you wait for your love to console you. Whats more, you will care them even if you are angry with your love!

You start seeing your love everywhere. You imagine your love next to you even when you are alone at a coffee shop. A place, sound or event relates you to your love. Love becomes your world. That’s where “you fall in love”.

One thing about Love though, its a one way journey. There is no easy way back once you are in. You are always in love no matter what happens between you two. You might get out from the relationship but your heart still has that space taken. Now you endure painful love but you cant get rid of it. Same things which made you fly high start pinching and pricking your heart. The songs what made your day exciting now are your nightmares. Same sounds now feel so harsh. Coffee suddenly tastes bitter. You make a futile effort to forget but more memories come back.  Each day you come out with new plan to tackle the situation but you will fail. You try to forget but you will remember everything! You are a living disaster!!

Now you bump in to another opportunity to love another person, you wanna try and see if this is your true love. You try, but you see things half heartedly. You miss your original love in so many ways. You start comparing and always your old love wins! You imagine you will never be in love again. You think your love is shattered forever. You simply cant love again!

Months pass by and you slowly forgive your love and you feel you two deserved to be separated and you are ready to move on. Kindness sets in you. You accept the world as it is. You no more angry with anything or anyone including yourself. You start seeing everything around you better. Things look differently now, and things look new and fresh to you.

You pull yourself together better and there is a new purpose in your life. You want to live your life again. You face everything with the smile. All those memories do not hurt you anymore. You go to coffee shop and order the same coffee with smile. You don’t ponder about them too much. You feel you are more stronger. Your storm is over. You are matured and poised better than ever.

You have learnt so many things and your heart is stronger than before. You are free and lovable again!


Feeling better


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