Rainy day need not be bad day at all!!

Most of the people consider the rainy day as not a productive day, but for photography enthusiasts its not! In fact its a day of opportunities. Rain gives ample new horizons, perspectives and colors to the whole life form around us.

Take your your prime, wide angle, be prepared for under lit conditions take a rain protection wear your boots …. start clicking.

Technical: Use highest(safe) ISO setting your camera offers, for closeups use a wide open apertures, for landscapes probably f8 or f11, you might have to rely on manual focus at times. (Please note this is beginners tip 🙂 Pros don’t get offended 😀 )

Happy shooting!

11537259_10206946766976555_2867140786248816018_o14379729_10210505916193061_7194647893982662856_o14753426_10210767736058394_4639379882228392140_o13495478_10209764022086172_4723073860652568686_o (1)13576685_10209814900758107_8065575812448861554_o11060110_10207065108815027_7158483427565572307_o969223_10201585298943205_901838879_n1002594_10201677440646690_76041298_n10696240_10205179784363094_4666348370126911399_n154632_10201823876347491_27135633_n994880_10201585298823202_2035447145_n1009731_10201411218431301_314547087_n


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  1. Beautiful Shots! I adore photography during rains, it’s like Nature infused energy and positivity in everything!! Cheers, Charu

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Raj says:

      Thank you very much for your comments and appreciation.. I do agree with you. ✌


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