Out of control!!

So called self-control is overrated… All the things we do are out of control, it doesn’t matter if you are an yogi, guru, holy man or a success junky! You are always out of control..  You always did what you wanted… that’s all.

Confused? Ok let me explain…

We cant be in control!! ……. Moment you define a rule your brain tries to override that rule with alternative. Our brain always has two options for any decisive moment; one in positive and other always negative. You will have to choose. Now the tussle begins between them, and you choose a path based on strength of your desire and you accept the convenient logic your brain throws at you to claim the control!

Basically you do everything as per your desire, never credit or blame anyone or any circumstance for your decision to do so, this is true even if you are drunk or even if someone holding gun at your face. But if at all you are in control of your brain then you are not human, and for me you are dead. Dead man never decided to walk!

We are designed to be agile, and ever evolving. We can never override laws of nature!!


Out of control


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