Oh my God!

Many times I wished there existed a real person by name  “GOD”, and he kept a close tab on people’s acts. Wished he punished the bad and rewarded the good, while they lived on earth instead of granting them a heaven and hell secretly after their death. I also wished that he created people as good as animals, so that we did not have to witness children being gassed, throats getting slit, people burnt alive or mob lynching people! I need a God but not in heaven.


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  1. Daniel Peterson says:

    Life’s a labyrinth and a mystery. Of a truth, the more paradoxical and ironic it becomes, the closer to truth it is.

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    1. Raj says:

      May be there is nothing called “Truth”… just the events after events… may be that’s how life is supposed to be…


  2. Daniel Peterson says:

    Truth there is, but it is so small that greatness eludes it. The world does not publish it, for there is no financial profit in it.

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