A failure …a thought..


What is failure? What makes people to feel that they have failed?

Failure is just an adjective, like the way we say “tall building” or a “green apple”. We always expect an output for an action based on some assumptions or predictions to finally evaluate a failure or a success. That means the failure or a success is not concretely defined, what you think as a failure may not be considered failure at all by another person.

So I can summarize failure is a situation where “Something“ what you wanted to achieve is not your “cup of tea”. In life we all have mixed results but we just pinpoint something which we want to highlight throughout for a long time.  That’s why some people always feel themselves as successful and others not. So if you feel you have failed, its just that you used the wrong yardstick!

You agree? love you hear your comments!


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  1. Sweta Ojha says:

    It is in indeed but just our perception. Well said. 🙂

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    1. Raj says:

      Thank you Sweta. Glad you like it.

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  2. anukushi says:

    “So if you feel you have failed , you’ve just used the wrong yardstick”..well said …probably it’s just like expecting a fish to fly or an elephant to climb a tree

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    1. Raj says:

      Very true … 🙂


  3. thinkinkadia says:

    Perceptions: favourite topic! And it’s so relative, isn’t it…

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    1. Raj says:

      Very true, that’s why we see same things so different at different times.

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