Destination: Orange County Coorg

I love travelling, specifically I am a historic place traveler, I like exploring and places where lot of physical activity type of travel is involved, because most of the places are buried in the ruins and you need to explore.

But this time I choose a different menu, I did choose a place which is famous for relaxation. I had been hearing lot of stuff and hype about people visiting ‘Orange County’. So finally packed our stuff.

Basically this trip was for my family of 4. Since I am from Mangalore, it’s about driving distance (about 170kms).  Started from Mangalore at about 8:00 AM; since the HW 88 is now better than before was able to reach small town ‘Sullia’ at about 10:30. Had our break and light food and started out to Madikeri(Coorg). Next step is crossing the western ghat(region called ‘Sampage’). Couple of years back these roads were really bad and I had a bad feeling. Initial leg till we reached ‘Kodagu district border’ was not so good. But once I entered Kodagu District the whole thing changed! A perfectly built High way were I could enjoy the smooth scenic ride. Although I have some questions for the highway builders, why they provided additional curves on the road where it was not necessary? Ok back to topic we just stopped at some point to view one of the road side water fall and couple of scenery pics.

Orange County:
Finally we reached ‘Orange County’ at around 2 PM, yep it took some time as the last leg of our journey did have some road issues. Very narrow roads and some confusion on direction. But thanks to my GPS enabled phone.
As we opened our doors at the lobby we were greeted by a ‘traditional local band’, wow that was something I never expected!  As we walked in to the reception area, ‘Kodava Style’ saree clad girls treated us with the fresh brewed coffee and the hot towels, it was really refreshing!
We were taken to ‘Presidential Villa’ and given the instructions and the know how’s about the villa and the surroundings. So far all good. The rooms were perfect nothing to complain about. Had a spacious living area with satellite TV, Fridge, Coffee maker, kettle and microwave. Everything was clean and shiny. The bed rooms with large queen size bed and climate control. Attached were a large bathrooms with bath tub, standing shower and other amenities in perfect condition.
They have 3 separate eating places; we stuck on to ‘Granary’ all the time. Food was really mouth-watering, there was abundant food of all varieties and we just went crazy with the food. And here I must say that ‘This was the best eating experience I ever had in India’.


They have lot of activities organized through the day (no charge ofcourse) to keep you busy (if that is the way you enjoy our holiday, like me!) There are activities such as village walk, plantation walk, forest walk, Kaveri river boat ride etc. We could not do the forest walk as it was raining and we did not have right gear (mainly the water proof shoes to walk in the forest), again we could not do Koracle (Boat) ride as the water was full and powerful. Also they have play area where you have chess, caroms and TT. There is also a swimming pool but again it was raining and was cold for swim. There is also fishing activity in the local small pond.

What I liked

  • Perfect rooms and amenities, all happy smiling employees greeting us with ‘Namaskara’
  • Perfect room service.
  • Best food offered.
  • Coffee served where ever possible for free (during the ‘walks’ and when ever you are at reading lounge.
  • Walk in the greens, sound of birds water all natural and in a safe environment

What I wished they had

  • Most of us are always wanted to be connected to internet but there was no internet facility available, I wished they had Wi-Fi connection in common areas atleast, I had Tata-Photon dongle which did not work. My Airtel 3G switched to ‘Edge’ mode but was able to connect to my emails.
  • Activities need to be more interactive and more planned. Walking in the village is ok but I wanted much more involved activity. Just by eating and relaxing does not make a holiday for me. So you might feel the activities too dull.
  • Road to the ‘Orange County’ was not good, I dropped my idea of visiting the Coorg city because of the road condition during my stay.
  • Needs tennis and shuttle badminton courts. Swimming pools needs to be heated(at least the common pool)

What you need to carry

  • Full body covering cloths, this area rains or drizzles all the time. Hats and rubber shoes must if you are a activity person
  • Carry internet enabled phones if you are connected person
  • Camera is a must as it’s very scenic.
  • Carry all your medication and essentials as it’s kind of remote and once you are in you may not leave the place, you tend to get lazy.

Over all the best location and the best experience. Hope you enjoying reading it. Here are couple of links to the ‘Orange County’ in case you want to explore.
Official Orange County Website


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