How to use Google Assistant on any android phone?

Have an Android Phone with Marshmallow (Android Version 6) or above and want to setup Googles Assistant? Follow the below steps…

  • Make sure your device is running Android 6.0 or higher.
  • You must set the Language on your device to English US if you require other language then this method won’t work
  • Now go back Settings -> Google -> click the three-dot menu on top right – > Help & feedback – > Click on the three-dot menu -> View in Google Play Store.
  • Google play store will launch with Google Play services page. Scroll down to the bottom to find an option to join the Beta Programme by clicking “I am in”.
  • Now go to the Google App in the Play Store and do the same as above to sign up for beta program.
  • You must wait for about an hour before you are enrolled to google beta program, you don’t have to do anything just wait. Keep checking play store for updates, and you should see an update pushed for Google App, till then just wait.
  • Once updated now clear the data for both Google Play services and Google App from Settings- > Apps -> and then Storage -> click Clear Data
  • Now go to home screen and long press the home Button which will start the Google App. Sign up, then go to Menu -> Settings -> You should see Google Assistant Settings. If not something is wrong and you still don’t have Google Assistant, retry the whole procedure.

Now set up Google Assistant and Enjoy the personal digital helper!!


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