Good bye perfume…

Its sad that man tries to fake a fragrance of a flower with the perfume… Never challenge the innocence of a flower… its a fight one can never win. Remember flower doesn’t try to impersonate. Instead try to be in a garden among the flowers… you never know… you may even become one! Raj Without a perfume

Whose blanket is it anyway?

It really doesn’t matter if its used blanket or not as long as it offered the warmth… Sometimes knowing who used it before you greatly helps! Or better .. if its still being used! Probably that’s why its said “Love is like a warm blanket”? What are you waiting for? Lets crawl under the blanket!……..

Grey area or a matter of interest?

“Its a matter of Grey area”….. I go … “Tell me more, please”….. why is that unspoken words, unfinished business, untold stories … captivate me more than anything? Why are the open letters, straight answers does not raise my curiosity? Is it being different or unique is the final destination? May be…. may be …….

Need for spike

  Everyone’s dream is to have a “smooth sailing” but what’s life if it’s smooth forever? Don’t you think you need that little spike once in a while? What about those “aha” or “OMG” moment you always wanted? What about that “oops” spike? I will take them all, aren’t they just “Wow” when you look…

What you can do on “Earth”?

We all are wanderers who happened to be here on earth same time, as a new born babies our goal was just to get stomach full of milk and a good sleep, as we grow older our priorities changed, we all took different paths and  approaches to life, so are the goals and challenges. We…

“Puttur Bedi” … A nostalgic moment

Yearly temple festival and Ratha Yathra, same every year but pulls me in every time. Never tired, never bored. May be my memories from younger days too strong to ignore.

Oh my God!

Many times I wished there existed a real person by name  “GOD”, and he kept a close tab on people’s acts. Wished he punished the bad and rewarded the good, while they lived on earth instead of granting them a heaven and hell secretly after their death. I also wished that he created people as good…

Sringeri, a place of “Vedanta”

Little hill town in the middle of western ghats in south India. Perfect place for worshipers, wanders as well as photographers in the middle of 8th Century temple!