Drifter …

Staying steady is an illusion, everything around us is drifting including our own universe. Being steady is boring, isolation never a fun. Learn how to flow, like water cutting through the resistance and never complaining. Being adrift does not scare me anymore. Love what you come across, take a deep breath, keep moving, forever!




Lets go down!!

Do doubt we all want to reach that sky in whatever we do, its a great feeling of embarking to unknown and excitement for sure. But what about the old things? are we supposed to forget them? Life with empty pockets, hungry stomach and with no one by our side, make you wonder .. what a journey that was!! Aren’t they your stepping stones? How about revisiting them up-close, may be ..just for a day?… to cherish…and relish..the memory line? so.. descend once in a while…you’re gonna love it.


Mostly in the bottom!

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